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Seperti sedia maklum, 100% produk shaklee ini diproses di luar negara.  Kebanyakan yang mengamalkan suppliment shaklee adalah di kalangan orang islam. so ... untuk memastikan tiada sebarang keraguan, shaklee telah memastikan setiap produk yang dihasilkan untuk penduduk Malaysia adalah DIJAMIN HALAL dan SELAMAT.

Moga dengan adanya SIJIL HALAL ini, umat islam di Malaysia tidak akan ragu-ragu dan was-was tentang isi kandungan yang ada di dalam produk shaklee.  

Dimaklumkan, shaklee tiada sijil halal dari jakim ye. Tapi, dari perbadanan halal dari luar negara yang diakui oleh jakim.  Shaklee Malaysia mendapat pengikhtirafan sijil halal daripada ISLAMIC SERVICES OF AMERICA (I.S.A)




What is Halal? 
In Islam, Halal is an Arabic term meaning “lawful or permissible” and not only encompasses food and drink, but all matters of daily life. 

Halal Non-Meat Products
The following is a partial list of Halal non-meat products that are subject to critical processes or ingredients that can affect the product’s Halal integrity: 

Non-food items which may also be Halal certified 
- Capsules, both pharmaceutical and vitamin
- Cleaning Agents
- Cosmetics
- Nutritional Supplements
- Packaging
- Protein Powders
- Vitamins and Minerals

Benefits of Halal Certification for Business 
Islamic Services of America’s (I.S.A.) research shows that there is a growing desire worldwide for US consumable products. Consumers overseas want the US products and foreign governments want Halal law compliance. 

By meeting Halal certification requirements, your company will have access to over 8 million Halal consumers in the USA and more than 1.6 billion consumers worldwide. You will have opportunities in Halal markets that are currently closed to your products. 

At I.S.A., religious compliance and science are not mutually exclusive. The two meet in a complementary manner that ensures compliance through the use and understanding of scientific techniques and religious guidelines. With over 35 years as a Halal certifier, I.S.A. has developed a reputation for upholding Halal integrity. The methods and processes I.S.A. uses are streamlined and integrated, making it efficient from a business standpoint. 

Benefits of Halal Certification for Consumers 
When you see the I.S.A. logos, you can rest assured that the production and ingredients in I.S.A. Halal Shariah compliant products are up to your standards. I.S.A. is happy to provide you with information about ingredients and products upon request. 

We can help you identify Halal compliance of critical ingredients in 
- Processed Meat
- Health and Beauty
- Flavors and Ingredients
- Bakery and Food Processing
- Pharmaceuticals
- Food Supplements and Other Consumables

Healthy Halal
Muslims as well as people of other faiths find that consumption of Halal slaughtered proteins is a healthy alternative. At Islamic Services of America, we are certain that our slaughter practices not only fulfill the requirements of the Shariah, but also result in healthier and better tasting products.
Halal is the healthier alternative for several reasons: 
Halal products that are certified by I.S.A. help consumers fulfill Shariah requirements and receive the added benefit of healthier, better tasting protein products. 

- Blood removal and drainage
- Decrease in toxins and microbes
- Most humane harvesting method
- Less potential for Ovine, Bovine, and Poultry bloodshot

Halal Business
Halal consumers search vigorously for products that are Shariah compliant. Demand for Halal quality products, domestically and internationally, has increased dramatically in the past decade. The Halal market has been growing at an annual rate of at least 30% for the past several years. As a result of that increased demand, many companies have taken the steps to become Islamic Services of America Halal certified.
There are many reasons why companies choose I.S.A. for their Halal compliance needs. 
- I.S.A. is the oldest and most respected Halal Certifier in North America
- I.S.A. Halal Certification assists companies in increasing global market share
- I.S.A. Halal Certification is not only recognized as Halal, but also as a symbol of Quality and Integrity around the world

I.S.A. is Your Visa to Halal Markets Worldwide ™ 
Over 35 years of Halal Certification experience and refinement has enabled I.S.A. to efficiently certify businesses and their products. Businesses find real value in I.S.A.’s timely and affordable service. 
At I.S.A., science and Halal compliance go hand-in-hand to provide businesses with reliable, world recognized Halal certification.
Islamic Services of America (I.S.A.) is the only recognized Halal Certifier for all categories of consumables the world over.

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