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All nighters beware of the consequences.
It may be exam time or a party and you may be stocking up weapons to beat sleep that night. Our friendly doctor says that it may not be a cool idea, always.
If you do not sleep, the brain produces more dopamine (chemical messenger) which will cause short time euphoria and heightened positive feelings. You appear charged for a while and may be for a couple of more days. It is not all Lollipops. There is another side to this. Listen to us before you prepare to be awake more frequently or continuously for more nights.
Studies have found that the brain would soon lose the rational-based decision making capability and willnot respond to fight-and-flight situations. It reacts sluggishly when you actually need to be swift.

For working professionals it causes judgmental errors, reduces productivity and efficiency. If you drive,there is  a chance of a fatal accident because of sluggish reaction. All-night-work impairs cognitive performance, knowledge-retention and awareness. Medical literature reports long-term dangers as well. Reduced learning ability and poor immune function are some. Psychiatrists says that poor sleep during night is linked to behavioral and anxiety disorders. Researchers also found that Weight gain, risk of diabetes and brain damage are related to all night sleeplessness.
And there is a double-whammy-in-waiting for students who stay awake reading all night. You may end-up with low grades and an impaired memory (which almost assures you low grades in the future as well). You may retain very less in the hours you had put in to study. You may remember the first few and last two hours of study and everything in the middle may be hazy.
So folks, if you find any of the described problems in you and you are an all-nighter, it is about time for you to realize the need for a 7-hour dozer. Try to hit the sack more frequently. A good rest will restore your body and pump it up with better immune function. A minimum sleep of 4 hours, between 11PM and3AM improves a lot of bodily functions and organs like liver, pancreas and kidney do a better role.
Next time you head to a grocery, move away from the aisles that hold Redbulls, coffee, junk and other stuff that keeps you awake all night.

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